Evicted Doctor 57 Treating Coronavirus Patients ‘Told To Buy TENT’ By Landlord

Vincent Okafor, 57, was evicted from his rented accommodation and said his landlord feared he would bring coronavirus into the property

Doctor VinceVincent Okafor, 57 has been evicted from his rented place he was staying and said his landlord feared he would bring coronavirus into the property.

He said: ‘I thought to myself, even if I were to do that. Where would I pitch up? At the KFC car park?’ 

He emailed 15 people who the hospital suggested but Dr Okafor could still not find accommodation.

He said: ‘My landlord served me a verbal eviction order to pack out of his property.

‘His reason was that since I work at the hospital and treat the elderly, I was likely to bring the virus to his house.

‘I didn’t have anywhere to stay to help the people I was recruited to come and help.’

One potential landlady suggested that he bought a tent to live in after she asked the doctor whether he had offered to help fight Coronavirus.

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