Video Shows White Police Officers Let Dog Bite Black Teens Leg

yourrightscamp Posted a video of a black teen in an altercation with the police officers. The teen is seen arguing with the police and tries to run away but slips and the police take over. The dog is let to bite his leg while he is in pain.

One of his family members is seen screaming THE DOG THE DOG!!, the police have a really hard time trying to get the dog off his leg while it’s been beaten deep and the leg is left bleeding.

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This is ridiculous! #RP @n3wviruswhodis: TRIGGER WARNING! On April 4, 2020 a 35 year old male woke up from a nap to his house being raided by the police. He walks outside with his hands in the air in attempts to create obvious compliance. He is then tasered and brutalized by a police dog. As of April 6, 2020 he remains hospitalized in Santa Rosa, Ca. They invaded many spaces that weren’t subject to search regardless of the parole. They endangered unnecessary quarters that put people at risk of COVID-19 with lack of equipment and social distancing. They didn't read him his rights during his arrest. The reason for the home invasion by Sonoma County Sheriffs is still unknown to the dog bite victim and his family. The dog bite victim is currently facing charges for "resisting arrest." This man is on parole, however being let out of the system indicates reform and in no way subjects him towards violence/ potentially fatal danger. He worked for years to better himself, he graduated college and obtained a degree while behind bars. After his release, he has worked vigorously at improving his life. This information was obtained via in person interview with the wife of the victim (woman standing in front of him)

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