97-year-old Florida veteran may be last living Buffalo Soldier

97-year-old, Steve Lewis, from Florida may be the last living Buffalo Soldier.

One of two all-African-American cavalries at the time.

After all this time, Lewis still remembers specific details of things like the bombing Pearl Harbor.

He was a senior in college when he heard about the attack on the radio, since there was no TV at the time.

In time, Lewis left his studies at Florida A&M College to enlist in the Army.

“Every man in college that had been in Enlisted Reserve Co., and we didn’t know a thing about Buffalo Soldiers in the Army. We never heard of it,” he said.

Lewis retired as a corporal.

The Buffalo Soldiers lasted until 1948 when President Harry S. Truman integrated the military.

By the early 1950s, they were gone.

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