La’nisha and Ron’nisha Richardson

Twins from Yazoo City, Mississippi are graduating at the top of their class, both finishing with a 4.1 GPA, WAPT reports.

La’nisha and Ron’nisha Richardson are graduating from Yazoo City High School in Mississippi. La’nisha was named valedictorian of her class with her sister Ron’nisha was named salutatorian. The twins said that this is the moment they’ve been waiting for, the official confirmation of all their hard work.

“I actually have a goals list and on the top of that list it says ‘valedictorian of Class of 2020,’ so it was always in my head,” La’nisha said.

“We definitely credit our mom when it comes to making sure we are on top,” Ron’nisha said. “It’s our work and we have to get it done, she makes sure we get it done and if we don’t get it done, it’s gonna be a problem,” La’nisha added.

This shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic, the twins aren’t able to participate in senior activities like prom and graduation.

But even with that, the twins push on continuing to give us all Black Girl Magic!

We are proud of you La’nisha and Ron’nisha Richardson!

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