Kourtney Chabella Starts Her Own Business At Age 16

Kourtney Chabella at only 16 years old started her own brand called Essence of Earth with the help of god she has managed to do so much in her life. Her goal is to spread God’s love to people everywhere and show people that being devoted and committed to God isn’t just for old people.

She grew up as a church and wanted to be closer to god but she once broke away from her faith and noticed how her life was going in direction she did not want, she noticed she was doing things she did not do before when she was a strong believer in god. Thats when Kourney started to get in to depression and having anxiety.

But then god talked to her and she came back stronger and braver and her goal was to open a business “ my goal with my business is to not only make products that are good for your skin but for your mind, everything I put in my products is sent from the Earth aka God and are known to not only heal the skin but to help you relax and unwind. I hope to touch as many people as I can with God and my products”

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“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” –

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