Memphis nurse works 21 straight days at NYC hospital, treating coronavirus patients

Amber Gordon said she wanted to help her fellow healthcare professionals who were fighting a battle like one we’ve never seen before.

For 21 straight days, Amber Gordon was in action at Elmhurst Hospital in Queens, one of the hardest-hit hospitals by this COVID-19 pandemic.

Gordon worked 12-hour shifts and seen things many of us have only heard about on the news.

“You actually see those patients, literally on almost every floor, the patients are vented, sedated, some of them are paralyzed and it gets real really quick,” said Gordon.

“I broke down, it was a moment I could not hold back from,” Gordon said.

The experience was physically and mentally exhausting and it hit close to home.

While Gordon was caring for critical patients in Queens, her cousin died from the coronavirus in Memphis.

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