“Meet the Newest Poet All About Black Representation”

‘Poetic Poison’, what she would like to be called, is only 22 years old and acts as a creative director to animators, voice talents, and sound engineers in order to bring her stories to life. In doing so, she produces more employment opportunities for minorities as they are the sole speakers for the individuals displayed through her work.

In an interview with Black Culture News she said, “Writing has been not only my oldest but my most enjoyable hobby and I wanted to get back to creating poetry like I used to when I was younger. It motivated me to make a channel because I believed that having both the freedom and a reason to be more creative with my time was more than worth it.

I saw YouTube as the best platform where I could both increase and normalize the depictions of under-represented communities of color. I wanted to achieve this through a wide array of characters and story lines where we would be the driving forces of our own narratives. 

I intend to show the world that people of color are much more than politicized entities meant only to be regarded when commanding conversations of a destructive history. Lastly, I anticipated that if my channel were to be prosperous, I could donate many of the proceeds to organizations that focus on supporting women and communities of color.”

Poetic Poison Videos

Poetic Poison goes more in-depth about her poems and character creations below

The Strength of a Soul​

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“This was my very first video and my channel’s debut. Taking ~3 months to make, this story is about a Black woman who was unapologetically herself in life and in death. The video shows her in the afterlife, having to speak to Death about who she was and what she believed in. She had to plead her case, for Death’s amusement, to see if she was worthy of going to heaven. However, in the end, through remaining steadfast in her beliefs, she gains Death’s respect and is personally escorted to Heaven’s door.”

Thought that I Ought​

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“’Thought that I Ought’ focuses on an 8-year-old girl named Molly and the power of her mind; formatted into the likeness of an animated storybook. She is incredibly excited about a secret that she has and, though she is mentally overwhelmed by it, Molly relishes in the fact that she knows something that the audience does not… even if it turns out to be nothing at all.”

The Diary​

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“‘The Diary’ focuses on an elderly, black woman in a nursing home who is looking back on the life that she has lived. Though she is alone now, without husband and child, she wishes nothing more than to do it all over again – not having changed a thing. Her life’s story is viewed through her most cherished keepsake: her diary.”

Celestial Mother

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“‘Celestial Mother’ aims to describe the essence of Black women and how they nurture and mother the world. This is done through the use of metaphors of nature and predominant imagery of galaxies and stars. This was also made as a Mother’s Day 2020 gift for my mom.”

It brings ‘Poetic Poison’ great joy to have her creations viewed by others and, though she claims to still be a novice, she hopes to both get better with time and to create many more works just like these in the future.

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