“You Idiot” Father Slaps TF Out His Son For Failing His Exams After Paying $21k On His School Fees!

George Mambezi, the Kenyan father is seen beating his son who failed his exams despite spending $21,000 on his school fees, has reacted. He slapped the eldest boy who only passed Music & was absent for Maths & English Exams.

Mambezi who is reportedly a top staff at a multi-national Telecommunications company in Zambia, responded to ‘human rights activists’ who have been criticising him for ‘disciplining’ his son.

George, in a letter addressed to a Zambian blog, said only he can decide how best to discipline his son as he was brought up in the village and his Christian religion permits him to discipline his child.

The man further said that anyone who isn’t happy with the way he treated his son, should come and file papers and adopt the young man and ”see if they will be happy after spending $21,000 on his tuition only to see him singing.”

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