Woman Arrested For Visiting A Playground That’s Closed Due To Coronavirus Pandemic—Other Parents Protest

Sarah Brady was arrested and charged with trespassing for visiting an Idaho playground that’s closed due to the coronavirus.

Parents in the area who are against the lockdown took to social media to post a plea stating, “There are a bunch of us taking our kids to [the] the park … to tear the tape off the playground … let’s take a stand!”

She stated, “I feel like I was singled out, because I was the only person that was arrested.”

According to Inside Edition, police went to the park after receiving multiple phone calls about what was going down at the park.  When they arrived, police stated that the caution tape and metal signs announcing that the playground was closed had been taken down. 

In the video, you can hear the exchange between Sarah and the police officers.

“Under what grounds?” Sarah asked the officer.

“I just told you, we can close it any time,” the officer responded.

Sarah replied to the officer saying, “I’m sorry, I didn’t hear you. You don’t need to talk to me rude. I’m just a mom with my kids.”

Sarah ended up in handcuffs and was arrested when she refused to leave.

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