Meet Diamond Tekara Henderson, She’s received $1,053,463.60 in scholarships with 36 acceptances. #BlackGirlMagic

Meet Diamond Tekara Henderson, 18-year-old from Blytheville, Arkansas. She’s received $1,053,463.60 in scholarships with 36 acceptances. Diamond is one of five siblings. Her mother and friends encouraged her to keep going. School counselors helped Henderson with sending off information and recommendation letters.

“Growing up, I’ve always made sure to keep my grades up, so that I can make my mother proud,” Henderson told

How did you get started with applying to colleges? What is Your GPA?

It started in august of 2019. I applied to my first college and I was slowly getting the feel of applying. I knew that I wanted to have a lot of options so I made a list of colleges that I knew I had a high chance of getting into with my Gpa and Act score. My Gpa is a 3.95. My act score is in the mid-20’s. And I rank 3 out of 150. I always wanted to get a high scholarship amount and once my numbers increased I pushed my self further and further. I ended up applying to 36 schools and getting accepted into all of them. My scholarships took longer to come in than my acceptances though.

Diamond Henderson

What will you be majoring in college? Which school are you committed to?

“I will be majoring in Chemistry with a minor in Business. I haven’t committed to a college yet, but I am currently choosing between Hendrix college and Benedict College.”

What advice would you give students looking to excel in school?

I would say don’t wait until the last minute to do better. Start now!

When did you notice you was were going viral? Were you surprised?

“I noticed I was going viral after thirty minutes. I already had about 1k likes and 2k shares. I was very surprised. And I’m still in shock.”

Diamond Tekara Henderson has shocked the nation and has gone viral with over 60k shares.

We’re very proud of you Diamond. This is Black excellence. This is Black Girl Magic.

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