Woman Celebrates Being Cancer Free By Creating Christmas Trees With Black Mannequins

Last year, 52-year-old Eileen Pearsall decided to do something a little unique than usual with her Christmas tree.

Out with traditional Christmas tree designs, she ordered a Black mannequin and created a tree around the doll, in the shape of a dress.

These unique decorations became a hit and Pearsall created three more versions that went viral via social media.

When you look at her designs and beautiful colors, you can tell there’s a deeper meaning behind these Christmas trees.

Eileen explains to metro.co.uk, “Over here in the US, #blackgirlsrock was just starting to grown on social media.”

‘So, last year I wanted to inspire our African American girls. I wanted to show the beauty of the deep melanin skin.”

Eileen over her fight with cancer, now cancer free this was her way of showing new found appreciation of life.

“I had also just finished breast cancer treatment and was feeling so blessed,” Eileen added.

“My ultimate goal was to inspire everyone; especially my Angel tree. I was really just feeling the blessing of being cancer free this year.”

Eileen said the designs can take up to four hours to make but the Angel tree took the longest, the wings had to be just right. Eileen is now making money from her hobby. This is indeed Black Girl Magic.

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