Meet great-grandmother who is a hairdresser at 101

– 101-year-old great-grandma, Callie Terrell, is still dedicating time to doing what she loves at her age

– All her life, Terrell has loved being a hairdresser and had built a successful business around it

– Despite her age, she is active and still attends to her customers

At age 101, most people are already tired and receiving care and assistance in doing everything but not Callie Terrell, who has defied old age by still staying beautiful, strong and healthy. Just recently, the great-grandmother clocked 101 and has a lot to celebrate including her vitality. Not only is Terrell still able-bodied.

She still finds time to do what she loves the most – hairdressing. Believe it or not, Terrell at her age still stands to attend to her customers. According to the inspirational great-grandmother, she finds herself still able to carry out her passion and that she will continue to do so as long as life permits. Indeed, Terrell is lucky to still be strong and healthy.

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