Kia Paterson Opens Black-Owned Grocery Store in Compton

Kia Paterson had worked in grocery stores for 17 years before becoming the owner of a Grocery Franchise Outlet in 2017. She made her decision to go with the franchise after completing a training event that convinced her that the franchise is committed to the success of its franchisees.

While speaking with the Los Angeles Sentinel, Kia praised her grocery franchise, saying that “they really care.” She said other companies focused on profit, while neglecting the people. She explained how her new business is fantastic, allowing her to work with her family. “I have my cousins working here with me, my brother, my niece, and nephew. That is encouraging, ” Kia said. She said that many companies do not permit you to hire family members.

Kia explained that another exciting aspect of owning a business is the freedom she now enjoys. She made that decision because she wants to gain the freedom to do whatever she wants and is thrilled by the fact that she now has full control over her destiny.

The store had only nine staff members before Kia took ownership. After taking over, she increased that number to 25 (employees).

So far, Kia Paterson’s Grocery Outlet has benefited the community, immensely. She even organizes events to help the people living nearby.

While speaking to Civil Eats, Kia said her focus is not just about providing high-quality food. She emphasized that she wants to give back to her community.

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