Man Graduates With Doctorate Degree Despite Being Bullied, Suspended and Having Learning Disabilities

The life of Dr. Isaiah L. White, Sr. is a remarkable story of grit, determination, and perseverance. As a young student, he was bullied and had to deal with teachers who told him he would be nothing. He also had multiple learning disabilities like dyslexia, and spent most of his schooling in special education. Despite all of this, he still managed to recently graduate with a Doctorate degree from Wilmington University in New Castle, Delaware.

Dr. White is very transparent about his public school educational journey, and tells his story in a new book he has written entitled In A Class Called Special.

In the book, he discusses his disabilities which include dyslexia, dyscalculia, audio processing disorder, visual impairment, comprehension weakness, and many more. He also talks about how his frustration from struggling in school was manifested in his behavior. His disruptive behavior resulted in him receiving repeated in-school and out of school suspensions. When he wasn’t suspended, he was serving detention or lunch detention. He admits that he was expelled several times from different schools.

He never game up

Dr. White says he graduated from high school on a 7th grade level in some subjects, and a 5th grade level on others. In college, he took the same remedial math 12 times and he was in all remedial classes his first few years of college. He was also on academic probation and suspension.

Despite all of these setbacks, he pushed himself to excel. With his determination, his grade point average eventually got better and he went on to obtain his degrees. In community college, he had a 2.3 GPA. He earned his Bachelors degree with a 2.9 GPA, his Master’s degree with a 3.0 GPA, and in May 2019, he graduated with his doctorate degree in education with a 3.67 GPA.

Empowering others

Now, Dr. White travels the world sharing his story about being bullied, and about how he overcame being molested from the ages of 3-12 by three different people. He also talks about his suicide attempts, telling the story of how he lived in poverty like conditions, and sharing how quitting is not an option. His story is filled with how he overcame that negative things that psychologists, social workers, teachers, child study teams, and professors said about him. His goal is to help others understand that “the only person that has the last say so is yourself.”

His passion has led him to working at Salem Community College in New Jersey, and purposely working in the school system at the same time. He has also coached for nearly 20 years in various sports. To help students stay out of trouble and off the streets, he has created programs for youth in the community. He works as both a college coordinator and professor.

Dr. White is also an author that has written many children’s books. His most recent books are from a series called The Get Ready Team, where he teaches kids the importantance of self-care. These book series includes titles such as The Dental Family, The Hygiene Family, The Breakfast Alert, The Morning Marchers, and The Battle of the Germs.

He used to serve as the CEO and Director of the S.I.M.K. (Sports Information Mentoring Knowledge) program where he mentored and trained coaches on how to set up mentoring programs. That program touched well over 50,000 at-risk youth in various communities.

Available for speaking engagements

Dr. White is accepting invitations to speak at public schools, colleges, community centers, and more. His workshops and presentations are changing people’s lives. Some speakers share from an outside experience of what you should do, but Dr. White is able to speak from experience – challenges that he has personally overcome to be successful.

For more details about Dr. Isaiah White, visit his official website at

His website is filled with a variety of resources such as workshops on character development, diversity training, assemblies for students of all ages, books that center on empowerment, inspiration, and insightful literature for children and adults.

Isaiah Speaks
(856) 839-7057

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