Dude Hands His Girlfriend DNA Test Results On Their Child’s Birthday, Blasts Her For Cheating & Lying To Him

Dude Hands His Girlfriend DNA Test Results On Their Child’s Birthday, Blasts Her For Cheating & Lying To Him

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  1. Good for him! Have doubts, get a DNA test. Why spend a lifetime doubting something, hoping you’re not right and then finding out 18 yrs later. Plus, it’s not fair to the child either. She should know who her bio Dad is. Medically speaking and emotionally. Had she handled it properly from the start, he may have forgiven her, who knows but lying for 3+ yrs…no!

  2. I’m split on this . she deserves this ,but the baby does not. I also suspect that one of my children with my ex is not my biological child ,i was actually thinking about it today,should i do a DNA, yes or no. I decided NO. I decided no DNA test becaus the baby is 6 years old now and she and i love each other and she knows me as her daddy. Although i have no respect for my ex,i cannot hurt the baby this way. I have decided to let it go and be her Daddy no matter what. Children only want to be loved and adults should never allow adult issues and behaviors to negatively impact children.

  3. Honestly though. Imagine the world of hurt that man is in. Hurt so bad he kept his composure enough to go through all this and confront her without getting pissed or showing any emotion. That man is broken. This woman might have known that wasn’t his baby or may not have. But she got what’s coming to her. The truth will always come out, I’ve dealt with a lot of women like this in my life, not to this extent but they will lie lie lie lie just to avoid owning up to there mistakes. She even tried to lie again in the video with cold hard evidence in her face😂 so unfortunate. I’ll never get married for reasons like this

  4. It maybe a skit, but it is based on the harsh truth.

    This actually happens in real life where teen mom’s, single moms and married moms lie to boys and men and knowingly conceal the truth about the child’s paternity.

    Think about it, wonder what would happen if mothers always informed the guy that you are not the only paternity candidate and that we need a legal DNA paternity test at birth to insure the truth is on the birth certificate?

    It’s called Paternity Fraud and it has led to boys and men being jailed for refusing to pay child support to moms for kids that are not related to them. all

    In the most extreme cases, the mother leaves to live with or marries the biological father and still demands child support even after refusing to let the duped male see the child.





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