Black Woman Cries At White Medics Who Ignore Her Son Until His Heart Rate Is 0

A video of a black woman crying as white medics walked around until the last minute ignoring her son, until his heart rate dropped completely is going viral.

A black mother named Jessica Love Burnside cried as she accused the Comer Children’s Hospital in the University of Chicago of discriminating against her sick son.

She stated that she’s been telling the doctors all day that her son was dying, but they kept walking around ignoring her, until the very last minute.

The woman said she couldn’t get her phone out quickly enough to record how they were acting towards her, and the ways in which they ignored specifically her.

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  1. White people don’t even consider Black people. That’s why the percentage of Black women dying in childbirth is over the roof. there are no words that can adequately describe the deep hatred and racism of the “medical” staff at this hospital. How can they go home at night and look at themselves and their children in the face. Evil children of Satan.




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