Young Entrepreneurs Create First-ever Black Owned Legal Cannabis Delivery Service

Elis @ceo.elis // Gabe @gabe.vieira_

Elis Omoroghomwan and his partner Gabriel Vieira are the first black owners of a legal cannabis delivery service. These two black entrepreneurs run (, the first-ever recreational cannabis delivery company in Massachusetts. 

Zip Run is a mobile e-commerce platform and an on-demand delivery service for recreational cannabis products. their goal is to deliver cannabis safely, legally and conveniently to our customers.

Their main mission is to inspire more black people to obtain ownership within the legal marijuana industry. Chief Executive Officer Gabriel Vieira grew up in communities of Boston that have been disproportionately affected by marijuana prohibition and enforcement. With help from the Cannabis Control Commission in Massachusetts (CCC), Gabriel has become a member of the social equity program which grants individuals an opportunity to gain ownership within the cannabis industry. their main goal is to further the CCC efforts by employing and empowering people from our community to prevent the continuation of an inequitable status quo.

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