Chick Abuses Her Grandmother For Falling Asleep With Her Baby On Her Chest

Chick Abuses Her Grandmother For Falling Asleep With Her Baby On Her Chest. This is just terrible and heart-breaking please watch the video below and let us know in the comments.

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    1. I am outraged. This girl and whoever that is cosigning this BS with her are going to suffer and die a slow and painful death and in HELL they will lift up their eyes. You don’t even treat a dog that bad. I am so freaking upset right now. I could just scream as tears roll down my cheeks. This is completely unacceptable. UNACCEPTABLE!!!!!!!

    2. Is there any way that this could be sent to the Police Department? Watching this really pissed me off I am not a violent person but these two I would be willing to wear the orange jump suit for.Nasty low life trash .Needs to be met somewhere with a base ball bat.Also is this her mother watching what she is doing to her own Mother noticed in the video she said here mama when she gave the baby to someone.I can not tell you right now what emotions I am experiencing behind watching this .MADDDD AS HELL.

    3. This is crazy and very unfair they didn’t have to treat her like she wasn’t worth anything so what if she fell asleep with the baby on her chest the mother should have taken her own baby and you see how she acted lord I pray for that’ baby this was just wrong

    4. Both of those women are wrong the mom in the background just letting her be on her own mother the hell is wrong with these people that woman needs her butt kicked hitting on her grandma like that that’s elderly abuse

    5. I pray that the right individuals see this to help this woman out the hands of the evil. I pray that they remove this lady in by the power and in the name of Jesus. No one deserves to be treated in this manner. I have worked in nursing for many years and never hurt any individual I treat them as my parents God protect this lady this has truly put sadness in my heart for how people live Please Please someone help this lady. I live in Omaha I would take care of that lady if need be no one deserves that treatment

      Lura Jackson

    6. This is in Vicksburg, MS have anyone called the Police about this I wonder this website especially. This made be sick and angry all in one they need to be in Jail and she is elderly. She needs care. There is no telling what else is being done to her….Then she said she wish her brother was there he would throw her out on the grass…Lord Jesus…

    7. I’ve just read in the comments that they remove the grandmother from the house and their still investigating whats the he’ll to investigate he’ll you’ll looking right at the abuse take they ass to jail right damn na low down bastards

    8. They don’t need jail they need life n prison .. the state need to take the baby and put all involved in this horrific video in jail. As a matter of fact the same artifact that she hit that poor innocent woman with need to be used on them both!!! I’m not a violent person by no mean but this was utterly terrible..

    9. Soooo…. she said she wish her brother was there cause he would’ve threw the grandmother in the grass??? Apparently the brother be abusing her as well. Arrest his ass too!

    10. Both of the younger lack girls need a thorough ass whipping buy sum thug men its disgusting how she treated her mother she dont deserve to live I’d beat her ass myself if I knew her and take the charges I hope she gets a used way worse than she did her mother sick biiitch!

    11. She and her friend better be glad that it’s not my grandmother I was a grandma baby and I wouldn’t allow anyone to disrespect less on treat her like that But trust me they will reap what they sow

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