Senior Recruiter Files Lawsuit For $100,000,000 Against Facebook

Senior Recruiter Files lawsuit for $100,000,000 against Facebook alleging they failed to accommodate her disability. Anastasia Boone-Talton, a Senior Talent acquisition consultant hailing from Atlanta Georgia, was specifically recruited by Facebook to diversify their talent pool and bring Facebook into alignment with the policy of inclusion it advertised.

Talton was recruited to locate and hire diverse talent for Facebook, but when she arrived at the Menlo Park Campus, she found a culture that was far from inclusive. She learned that her former employer had no intention of actually hiring the diverse talent she was brought on to find. Instead, to meet their quota of having at least one diverse candidate interview on their campus for an open position, Facebook would fly out one candidate per position and take no further action on the application.

When Talton complained about the process, she was excluded from Facebook events, meetings, and diversity planning which allowed them to continue to circumvent their written policies on hiring diverse candidates. Her health suffered as she struggled through a debilitating illness.

Facebook took no action to assist her and to this day has coded her as an employee but has not answered requests for information from her attorney’s. Talton is disabled and is suing to give a voice to others who have been shunned buy their employers when they needed help and were denied accommodations for their disabilities. 

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