Hero: After Losing Both His Legs Gregory D. Gadson Went On To Become The First Double-Amputee To Command A U.S Army

He became one of the first Soldiers fitted with a next-generation powered prosthetic knee. It allows amputees to walk with a more natural gait. Rather than taking a medical retirement, Gadson requested to stay on active duty.

As of June 1, about 1,000 Soldiers in the Army Wounded Warrior program, or AW2, of 11,117 Soldiers and veterans have amputation injuries. Sixty-nine amputees have returned to active duty in the current conflict under the Continue on Active Duty, or COAD program. Eight more have returned to serve with the Army National Guard.

Gadson returned to active duty to serve almost two years as director of the AW2 program before being selected to command Fort Belvoir. On Monday he was presented the Belvoir command colors by Lt. Gen. Michael Ferriter, commander, Army Installation Management Command, on Long Parade Field across from post headquarters.

“He has shown that it isn’t about what you cannot do, it’s about what you can do,” Ferriter said of Gadson. “He’s able to lead and get right to things that need to happen.”

Gadson’s role as the director of the U.S. Army Wounded Warrior Program enabled him to do a lot of good, Ferriter added.

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