Former Sheriff’s Deputy and Teacher Sued For Serving Students Semen Tainted Cupcakes

Ex-teacher sued for 'serving students cakes tainted with semen ...

Four civil suits have been filed against a former Livingston Parish Sheriff’s deputy and his wife, a former Livingston Parish teacher,  for serving her student’s cupcakes that were tainted with the husband’s semen on two separate occasions.
Dennis Perkins, 44, and Cynthia Perkins, 35, were originally arrested back in October on charges of including child rape, production of child pornography, among other charges, after a photo was found of the couple naked with a minor.
The latest lawsuit filed on Monday, according to The Advocate, claim Cynthia Perkins fed the tainted cupcake to one of her female students and photographed and took a video of the girl. Cynthia also showed the student sexually explicit photos.
Four separate lawsuits have been filed against the husband and wife since November, all in conjunction with the tainted cupcakes. One lawsuit claims that the father of a former student who ate one of the cupcakes now suffers from severe depression and has been unable to find gainful employment after learning of the incident. Another of the lawsuits claims that a parent and child now suffer mental health issues after being informed of the allegations against the former teacher.
Dennis Perkins had been with the sheriff’s office since 2002, where he rose to head of the SWAT team. Cynthia Perkins worked at Westside Junior High School since 2016 and had been with the Livingston Parish school district since 2009.
Both Cynthia and Dennis remain behind bars. No trial date has been set, and the courts remain closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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