89-year-old grandmother triumphs over COVID-19 while battling cancer

Ida Price

Meet 89-year-old, Ida Price. She’s fought off COVID-19, while at the same time battling cancer. Price beat the odds.

This is truly a medical miracle. We all know that many don’t get to survive COVD-19 with those health conditions.

Late last month is when Price learned she had the coronavirus after a relative tested positive. Shortly after, Price was tested and diagnosed with COVID-19, but she showed no symptoms.

“I didn’t have no fever, I never had a cough. I didn’t have chest pains, none of that,” she said.

Because she was already battling colon cancer, her children moved quickly to bring her to Houston from her home in Louisana and checked her into United Memorial Medical Hospital.

“It is a concern because my mom does have some underlying conditions already, and we just want to make sure that she’s OK on all fronts,” said Price’s daughter, Nancy.

Price spent a week in the hospital without issues. She was released about a little more than a week ago. She credits her survival to clean living and a good diet.

“I drink plenty of hot teas, fruits and vegetables. I love greens,” she said.

Price said her religious faith was also a big factor. Throughout her illness, church members in Mansfield, Louisiana, held a prayer vigil for her and seven others in the congregation stricken with the virus.

“They were just uplifting me to know people were out there thinking about me and praying for me and I was praying for myself,” she said.

She’s still quarantined at her daughters home, awaiting final test results. She said everyone needs to listen to doctors and health officials after overcoming the virus.

“Cover your face, wash your hands when you go out, put your gloves. People are not doing it but they need to do it,” she said. “This is a serious thing. I found out this is no joke.”

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