Dad Doctor Writes Book For Young Son To Become A Doctor

Meet Dr. Dale Okorodudu a doctor on a mission to motivate a generation of Black boys and girls to consider Medicine as a career option. He launched a new children’s book series called Doc 2 Doc.

According to Dr. Dale’s Facebook page, “I woke up one morning and wanted my kids to read a book about Black boys interested in something other than sports. I thought it’d be nice for them to read about kids interested in science & medicine. Well, I couldn’t find a book for them to read so I made this book for my kids and yours!”

By captivating kids’ attention in a colorful way, the Doc 2 Doc series promises to complement a long list of initiatives led by Dr. Dale and his team to increase diversity in the medical workforce. It is written for kids ages four -to-eight and introduces them to basic concepts in the medical field while teaching them simple biology.

“It’s not even about pushing kids into the field of medicine,” Dr. Dale says. “I don’t even push my own kids to do that. I’m just showing them there are other cool things they can pursue beyond what they see on TV. Medicine just happens to be one of those.”

For more details or to order a copy of the first book in Dr. Dale’s Doc 2 Doc series, visit

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