Black Nurse In Detroit Dies From COVID-19 After Being Turned Away From Hospital 4 Times

Michigan health care worker, who died with COVID-19 symptoms and developed bilateral pneumonia, was reportedly given cough medicine and told to rest at home before being turned away several times from the hospital where she worked.

Deborah Gatewood, a 63-year-old health care worker at Beaumont Hospital in Farmington Hills (in the suburbs of the Detroit metropolitan area), began coughing with a fever in the third week of March, FOX 2 Detroit reports.

“They [Beaumont] sent her home saying you are showing signs of COVID,” said Kaila Corrothers, Gatewood’s daughter. “So they were confirming that she most likely had COVID, but they did not test her.”

“The fact that she got infected by doing the job she did for 31 years and she couldn’t get taken care of by her own family, meaning Beaumont, it’s sad. It is disheartening to say the least,”

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