Meet Max Chinnah, Nigerian Inventor Who Invented Smokeless Stove.

Photo sources: The Courier

Max Chinnah, a 26-year-old Nigerian made history with his smokeless stove invention he patented with his partner, Attigah.

Chinnah hopes his piece would help save lives around the world, according to Daily Times.

His company is called Terraoak and it will be producing the smokeless stove on a huge scale and it’s also a move to ensure a greener environment and decrease the threat of global warming.

As a bonus feature to the smokeless stove, it will convert heat into electricity through a USB port allowing you to charge phones.

Chinnah has always wanted to be an entrepreneur. And helping people is his primary motive.

This is an amazing accomplishment and we’re excited about just how far his inventions will go in this world. He’s a bright young man and he’s just getting started.

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