‘Juwanna Mann’ Star Miguel A. Nunez Jr. Was Arrested For Allegedly Stealing Groceries From Los Angeles Store

We all remember Miguel A. Nunez Jr. from the movies “Juwanna Mann” and “Life”. Well, Nunez was arrested in Los Angeles for allegedly stealing groceries, according to TMZ.

Nunez is facing a shoplifting charge but he’s not really in jail for this one being that the Los Angeles Police Department isn’t presently booking and jailing people for minor offenses due to the coronavirus outbreak.

According to police, Nunez was checking out at a Ralphs supermarket when he swiped that plastic but got declined. He allegedly walked right out of the store anyway with his groceries in his cart.

He reportedly returned to the same Ralphs a few days later, where he was refused entry inside. Store employees called the cops and Nunez was placed under citizen’s arrest until police got there.

Nunez was cited at the scene for misdemeanor shoplifting before they let him go.

He told TMZ he was in a long line to check out and got tired of waiting, so he left with his items. He said he intended to return to pay for them another day.

Nunez said he attempted to pay for his $200 worth of groceries when he returned, but claims the store manager told him he wasn’t that special.

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