Florida Man Arrested After He Allegedly Stole 66 Rolls of Toilet Paper From Hotel

Image via Getty/Jeff Greenberg

With the COVID-19 coronavirus craziness causing toilet paper shortages across the country, these circumstances has pushed one Florida man over the edge. As Fox 35 reports, Angel Hernandezcinto has been arrested after he allegedly stole 66 rolls of toilet paper from an Orlando hotel. He has been charged with theft from a public lodging establishment, which is a third-degree felony.

The arrest report claims that a security guard caught the man as he pushed a trash can towards the van outside the Marriott Hotel on World Center Drive. From there, the guard saw that Hernandezcinto put a large bag of trash inside the van before walking into the hotel. Upon closer inspection, peering into the window of the van, he saw the bag had a considerable amount of toilet paper rolls that he said were the property of the hotel.

Soon after, the Marriott Hotel called the cops. Hernandezcinto confessed to stealing 66 rolls of toilet paper from the hotel, which were worth around $0.99 each for an amount of $65.34. He has admitted guilt for the incident, but said that he planned to take the toilet paper to an unemployed friend who was trying to get ahold of any themselves. Hernandezcinto worked at the hotel as a cleaner.


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