White Woman Sparks Altercation On American Airlines Flight After Using N-Word

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Things got real on an American Airlines flight after a Caucasian  passenger said the n-word against a Black crew member and a fellow passenger last Sunday.

“You’re gonna’ sit here and call him a f**ckng ni**er while you’re sitting beside an African-American woman? You are f**king stupid,” the Black woman tells the white woman in video footage recorded by another passenger on the flight. The recording begins after the woman referred to a crew member as a “ni**er.”

“You need to be locked the f**k up!” The black passenger says before calling the white passenger a “dumb as** b**ch.” The two go back and forth before the Caucasus lady calls the black woman a “ni**er” and instantly catches hands.

The Black woman is heard saying, “You done lost your motherf**king mind!” as flight attendants try to break up the fight.

The viral video was posted on Facebook with the caption, “Footage from a horrific flight with American Airlines today…there was a lot that [led] up to the altercation…Just unbelievable but when you try to bark like a dog don’t be surprised when you get walked like one.”

Watch the video below

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  1. Wow as a white woman that white cunt got what she deserved in fact she should of got her ass kicked a lot more….I feel bad for the two who were called the N word…That was so uncalled for…Surprised that white woman was even on the plane….I thought trailer trash couldnt afford a plane ticket!!!!

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