Woman becomes assistant principal at school she once worked as cleaner

Woman becomes assistant headmistress in school she once worked as a cleaner

– Pam Talbert, the assistant principal of Istrouma Middle, has inspired many after sharing how she rose from a janitor to an assistant principal.

– The mother of three had a learning disability but luckily her kids taught her and encouraged her to go back to school.

– Pam and her son both plan to get their PhDs from the same institution.

– The teacher currently holds a bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Southern University.

A woman from the US has served as an example of strength and inspiration after climbing the ranks at her workplace. Pam Talbert who once worked as a school janitor mixed hard work and perseverance to give rise to a booming career as an assistant principal.

According to WBRZ, the mother of three had a learning disability that had not been diagnosed but this did not stop her from achieving her dreams. For someone who could not read or write, becoming an educator was nothing short of a miracle.

Woman becomes assistant head in school she once worked as a cleaner

“Miracles happen and you are looking at a miracle. I am a miracle. I could not read and write. I was on a third-grade level,”

Pam admitted her kids pushed her to greatness and forced her out of her comfort zone. The dedicated assistant principal learned and read what her kids were learning and started to pick up a few things from their books.

Woman becomes assistant head in school she once worked as a cleaner

Most times, when the kids returned from school they would tutor their mum. Eventually, she managed to go back to school and earn both her bachelor’s and master’s degrees at Southern University.

‘‘It was very hard, but I persevered because I knew that it was important that I did that,” Pam added. Even more inspiring, Pam and her son are headed to school to earn their PhDs from Southern University.

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