NEWTON (2/17/1942-8/22/1989). Newton helped co-found the Black Panther Party at age 24 with the stated objective of, as laid out in the party’s TEN-POINT PROGRAM (1966) (note: point 6 refers to a time when military draft was in order): (read below)

What We Want Now!

*We want freedom. We want power to determine the destiny of our Black Community.

*We want full employment for our people.

*We want an end to the robbery by the White men of our Black Community. (later changed to “we want an end to the robbery by the capitalists of our Black & oppressed communities.”)

*We want decent housing, fit for shelter of human beings.

*We want education for our people that exposes the true nature of this decadent American society. We want education that teaches us our true history and our role in the present day society.

*We want all Black men to be exempt from military service.

*We want an immediate end to POLICE BRUTALITY and MURDER of Black people.

*We want freedom for all Black men held in federal, state, county and city prisons and jails.

*We want all Black people when brought to trial to be tried in court by a jury of their peer group or people from their Black Communities, as defined by the Constitution of the United States.

*We want land, bread, housing, education, clothing, justice and peace. (end) 

The 1960s is MUST-STUDY ERA OF AMERICAN history for anyone who has opinion on current affairs.

Happy Born day Huey P. Newton. Your work and legacy will live on forever. Your bravery is unmatched and is admired by us all.

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