Watch moment female boxer gets slapped and has wig ripped off by cornerman in world title points defeat

TOP female boxer Franchon Crews Dezurn was slapped and had her wig ripped off by her cornerman right in the middle of her world title fight.

The American was up against Alejandra Jimenez with the WBO and WBC super-middleweight world titles on the line.

 This was how the wig looked before it was ripped off her head

This was how the wig looked before it was ripped off her head.

The 32-year-old ended up losing the fight on a split points decision – but she was also fighting her corner as well as her Mexican opponent.

The drama all came at the end of the ninth round as Dezurn slumped onto her stool.

Her veteran trainer, Barry Hunter, was not happy with efforts to sort out the weave on her head, and instructed the team to “get that s**t off her head”.

Dezurn didn’t seem too happy with that instruction but eventually accepted losing the hairpiece.

And a slap on the cheek from Hunter seemed to get the message across.

Jimenez won on two of the scorecards, 97-93, 98-92.

Despite the one-sided nature of the fight, the other card ridiculously gave it to Dezurn, 97-93.

At the end of the fight one of her team tried to pop the wig back on her head – but once again Hunter demanded that “the s**t” was not put back on.

It is not the first time the American trainer has used rough-house tactics with his fighters.

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