Petition To Fire Alison Morris Already Has 80,000+ Signatures

Not even 24 hours after Alison Morris, an MSNBC news anchor, slipped up and used the N-word on live television a petition has surfaced to get her fired.

While Alison was addressing Kobe Bryant’s death and successful basketball career she made a mistake she will never forget. While stumbling over her words the news anchor said something that sounds a lot like Los Angeles [N-word]” or, as she claims, “Los Angeles Nakers”?

What do think she said? Watch the video and let us know down below in the comments.

I don’t know about you, but I have never heard the word Nakers before.

Just 12 hours after this petition was created on it already amassed a massive base of 15,000 supporters. Now, not even 24 hours after its creation, over 80,000 people have jumped on board to strip Alison Morris of her news anchor position at MSNBC.

The petition seems to be going strong and not slowing down anytime soon. Click here or tap the featured screenshot below to see the current supporter count and show your support.

What do you think she said? Will you be signing to support this petition?

What do you think?

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