Footage of White Battle Rapper Getting Punched for Using N-Word Goes Viral

Footage of a rap battle has started to circulate featuring a white rapper—who VladTV identified as William Wolf—being punched in the mouth by his black opponent for calling him a “n***a.” 

In the video, Wolf taunts another battle rapper by telling him that if he doesn’t “hit him in the third round” then it’s not a battle. It also appears the other rapper told Wolf not to use “n***a” in his bars. 

“And you told me what not to say,” Wolf said 15 seconds into the video. “Now, I’ma say it.” 

As soon as the battle started, Wolf started to set the stage to drop the N-bomb. “I ain’t like these other battle rappers, they talk too much/Saying I can’t say the N-word in this battle,” Wolf raps. But before he could finish the next line, which started with the phrase “my n***a,” he was hit in the face by the other contestant. 

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