Can Chocolate Sistahs Get Some Love?

We’re living in an time where we have billion dollar skin bleaching companies and it’s sad how they are profiting from our insecurities. How did we get to this point? How did we allow this to happen? Who told you that your rich chocolate skin isn’t beautiful? Who told you that your naturally dark skin is enough? Two words, Social engineering.

Is skin bleaching worth it?

We’ve been social programmed to believe that light skin in better through music and film. Any time you see the same narrative of the light skin model portrayed as the love interest in just about every music video, this isn’t entertaining, this is programming. Imagine if that’s all you see for 30 plus years? What would that do your mental state? If you are not careful, this can harm your self esteem.

Damn what they promote and how they feel about our dark and lovely skin tones. All shades of Black is beautiful and today we’re giving you gorgeous melanated beauties from all over. Love Thy Black Woman, she is the mother of civilization and our crown and glory of Black society. Black woman we adore you.

What do you think?

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