Meet the Black barber making almost $500K a year creating ‘man weaves’

Meet the Black barber making almost $500K a year creating ‘man weaves’

Wade Menendez, also known as “Wade the Barber,” has been credited for transforming the hair game as a pioneer of creating “man weaves.” Those who have a balding scalp run to his Maryland-based barbershop called The W Hair Loft, and it’s no surprise that his unique procedure has earned him almost $500,000 in one year!

Menendez, a 35-year old African-American man, has been highly acclaimed as an innovator in the field of hairstyling. He developed the cranial prosthesis, most commonly known as a “man weave,” which fills a balding scalp with hair — without the need for surgery!

With the help of another stylist, Menendez developed a simple procedure to install hair to a balding scalp. He glues natural and synthetic hairpieces to the scalp and blends it to the remaining natural hair.

For over 13 years, he has been in the barber field making impressive cuts to his wide range of clientele. In 2011, he opened his first barbershop in Glen Burnie, Maryland where numerous services are offered. And just four years ago, he added creating man weaves into his portfolio.

Aside from being a hairstylist, Menendez also hosts classes where he teaches over 500 hair professionals how to do what he does. Last October, his class gathered stylists and barbers from different areas around the world, including London.

“There’s a big demand for [hair units] in the U.K.,” Steve Diligence, who flew from London to Maryland to learn from Menendez firsthand, told Vice News. “People have seen videos from the states, and they say it’s impossible or magic.”

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