Meet Adom Appiah the 15-year-old author of 3 top books accepted by US Library

– A 15-year-old boy identified as Adom Appiah has emerged winner of a young hero award with a cash prize of N3.6 million

– At his age, Appiah has published three books and is the founder of Ball4Good, an initiative that supports communities through sport

– Since starting the organization, Appiah raised over N25 million for local communities

Children are indeed future leaders. 15-year-old Adom Appiah not only boasts of the title of the author but is also the founder of Ball4Good, a nonprofit organization supporting communities through sports.

The teenager recently won a young hero award and a cash prize of N3.6 million to support the activities of his organization which he began when he was 12. His organization began as a 7th-grade project, which Appiah thought to bring together local and celebrity athletes to play ball and in essence, raise money for local communities.

With the help of his mentor, Mary Thomas, he has successfully raised over N25 million for 16 local communities. His effort earned him a spot as one of the young heroes of this generation and he was honored with a national award.

Adom Appiah has written and published three books, made it to the National Spelling Bee, and started a nonprofit organization. Photo: WBTW News
Source: UGC

Not only is he the founder of Ball4Good, but the young boy is also an author of three books including one which is titled Kids Can Change the World. His dedication to helping and inspiring young children has earned him a solid reputation and interestingly, one of his books has been accepted in the US Library of Congress.

Appiah has also made it to the national spelling bee contest and made himself and parents proud. Indeed, the sky is the limit for the likes of Appiah.

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