*UPDATE*: Dad Raises Quadruplets After Wife Dies During Childbirth


Since March 2015, almost 13,000 people have donated to single dad Carlos Morales’ GoFundMe page, and even more have been captivated by his story – including celebrities.⁠

Carlos brought home the quadruplets in March 2015, a whole two months after they were born premature. His wife, Erica, 36-years-old at the time, died hours after she gave birth.⁠

In 2016, the Steve Harvey show surprised Carlos with numerous gifts, including $10,000 per child from Sallie Mae to start a college savings account.⁠

“When Steve Harvey told me that, I couldn’t believe it,” Morales says. “Everything I do is for my children and their future. Education is so important. I worry about money and this just made me feel so relieved.”⁠

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