A Nigerian Man Captured A Blue Marlin Fish Worth $2.6 million. Him And His Village People Ate It.

According to Hope for Nigeria, the fish was caught and butchered in Warri, Delta State, Nigeria by the fisherman.

Little did he know that he has eaten the wealth for his generations to come.
The fish he ate with his village people worth $2.6 million (dollars) which is N1.2 billion naira.

Blue Marvin fish is one of the fastest fishes on earth.One KG of that fish is $30,000 dollars which is N14 million naira.He would have sold it for 2.6 million dollars. Check online for cost of Marlin Fish.The post Nigerian man caught, ate fish worth N1.2bn appeared first on MCM.

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  1. Marlin worth $2.6 million? Unbelievable.
    Improper English in the title of this news article? Priceless.
    (‘Him ate it’ is improper. It should be ‘He and his village ate it’)

  2. Aside from the improper English in the title, the figures are off as well.
    the article states that Blue Marlin is sold for $30,000 per kilo. so if the fish were worth 2.6 million dollars at $30,000 per kilo, that equates to a little under 87 kilos to be sold.
    The problem is blue marlin doesn’t sell for $30,000 a kilo. It does still command a high price but I haven’t seen anything over $700 a kilo.
    a little under 87 kilos of fish at $700 a kilo is still over $60,000, No small sum but not millions of dollars.

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