Louisiana man’s Gorilla Glue challenge goes terribly wrong, sent to ER

Len Martin of Baton Rouge said he started The Gorilla Glue Challenge to show that the video of Tessica Brown, a woman who went viral for using the Gorilla Glue in her hair, was not serious. 

“Everyone is on social media,” Martin said about his dismissal of Brown’s fateful act. “Every day, there is a new challenge, but I did not think it would go this far.”

Last year, Martin appeared on “The Dr. Oz Show,” where he talked about participating in an ice cream challenge in which people licked ice cream in grocery-store freezers and put it back. He warned then that there were consequences to participating in viral challenges.

In a Facebook video shared by WFLA, Martin dispensed some Gorilla Glue on a red Solo cup and stuck it to his lip, thinking he could take it right off. He was wrong. 

Doctors in a Baton Rouge emergency room had to do what Martin described as a “painful peeling” of the plastic cup from his upper lip. He was also told that if his injury doesn’t heal correctly, he may lose his lip’s tip via surgery. 

“This is not the challenge you want to try,” Martin said. “Do not try this.” 

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