Joe Ligon Was Released From Prison today. He Has Been There Since He Was 15 Years Old. Falsely Convicted In 1953

The nation’s oldest juvenile lifer, Joe Ligon, left a Pa. prison after 68 years

The nation’s oldest juvenile lifer, Joe Ligon, left prison after 68 years.⁠

Joe Ligon brings boxes of legal documents to be stored at his lawyer's office after his release from prison after 68 years.

Ligon, now 83, received his life term for taking part in a spree of robbery and assaults in which two people died. Ligon admits participating in the crime with a group of drunk teens but denies killing anyone.⁠

After the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that automatic life terms for kids are cruel and unusual, he was one of more than 500 Pennsylvania prisoners all resentenced to terms contingent on lifetime parole.

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  1. This is so sad, they took his wrongfully took his life from him. Nothing can compensate for that but they should damn well try to. He should be given any amount of money it takes to let him live like a king the little time he has left.

  2. This is very cruel anyone could do an innocent human l feel is pain can’t find words to compare this wicked act l just cry cried oh God it just Sad




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