14-year-old girl met men on a dating app and robbed them at gunpoint

A 14-year-old girl robbed men she met on a dating app at gunpoint.

Police say a 14-year-old girl colluded with others and created a dating account and started robbing men who agreed to meet with her.

The first incident happened on January 24th on North Capitol Street in Washington D.C.

Police say suspects arrived at the scene and one suspect pulled out a handgun, while another suspect robbed them. The suspects made off in the victim’s vehicle which was later recovered.

Another incident happened on February 2nd on Peabody Street in the same way. Police say the suspects also fled in the victims vehicle, but the vehicle hasn’t been found.

One final incident happened on February 7th on Fort Totten Drive.

Police say this time nothing was stolen, but the victim was assaulted.

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