A new vegan restaurant in Harrisburg, Pa recently opened up and they are Black owned. Owners Laquana Barber and Stefan Hawkins were inspired to start their own business due to lack of vegan options in the area.

Barber went vegan for health reasons after suffering from asthma, and Hawkins became less interested in eating meat after working part-time at McDonald’s—where he got a behind-the-scenes look into the meat-centric fast-food industry. And, after experimenting with vegan meals in their own kitchen, the couple started serving vegan food to family, friends, and neighbors, 90 percent of whom weren’t vegan. “American culture views that every meal has to have meat with it when it does not,” Hawkins told media outlet The Burg News. “Since I’ve been vegan, it’s been the best part of my life.”

House of Vegan’s menu consists of Soul Food Platters with Chick’n Drums and BBQ Jackfruit, sides such as Baked Moka Mac and Cheez, collard greens, and cornbread, and Sunday burger offerings such as the Big Zaddy with mushrooms, vegan provolone cheese, sautéed onions, lettuce, barbecue sauce, and house sauce. The takeout restaurant is currently open for lunch and dinner.

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