‘Wipes Like Winners’ Black Couple Open A Tissue Brand & It’s The Closest You Can Get To Wiping With Silk!

When Triumph Tissue @triumphtissue founders Zabian @zabo103 and Keisha Gibson @keishagibson1 first saw the headlines about the shortage of toilet paper all over the United States, their initial reaction was a mix of shock and confusion. “We were extremely shocked by the absence of what we believe to be a critical hygiene product in a global health crisis,” expressed the couple. It dawned upon them that even in stores where there were limited stocks of toilet paper left, what was available were only the low quality and ineffective ones.

The couple immediately realized that the existing toilet paper brands sorely lacked quality and accessibility during this time. Indeed, the unexpected pandemic exposed how major corporations failed to serve their consumers during a time of extreme urgency effectively. This situation inspired Zabian and Keisha Gibson to establish Triumph Tissue, a reliable brand that can effectively and efficiently serve the hygienic needs of the consumers.

Triumph Tissue provides silky soft, three-ply absorbent tissue that prioritizes durability to ensure a pleasant experience for the consumers. Zabian and Keisha Gibson curated tissue paper for hardworking individuals who are willing to spend on first-class brands that offer luxurious experiences such as Triumph Tissue. Moreover, the brand was also designed to aid busy professionals who wish to skip time-consuming tasks for their much-needed convenience.

Quality Over Quantity


Zabian and Keisha Gibson made it their mission to always put the consumers first, and they are doing this by providing a seamless solution that addresses more than just shortage issues but also other problems that come with toilet paper overall. Through a subscription-based model, Zabian and Keisha Gibson make sure that consumers have their hygienic needs right at their doorstep in no time. They also hope to incorporate charitable efforts in their company with a vision of helping non-profit groups host events where Triumph Tissue can give away essential toiletry products to the members of the community.

To check out and learn more about Triumph Tissue, you can visit their website and LinkedIn account. Dont forget to follow the leaders of the brand @zabo103 & @keishagibson1

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