Master P introduces a new Black-owned food brand to replace Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben’s

Percy Miller via CNN

Uncle P’s pancake mix and white rice offers consumers a Black-owned alternative.

“When you look at Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben, a lot of those products are mockeries of African-American people and couldn’t even feed our communities. With Uncle P, the more we make, the more we give. And the only way to give is by owning these products,” P said.

The Uncle P’s brand will aim to create more job opportunities with upward mobility for Black people, P said. He also wants to use a portion of the profits to develop real estate in Black neighborhoods.

“Right now we’re burning down our blocks and our communities while protesting injustice, but if we are able to own products and put money back in our community, we could buy those blocks back instead of burning them down,” he said.

“If they made billions of dollars off Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben, imagine how much we’ll make to give back to our own community. It’ll be us helping us without having to wait for the government. We can actually change the world.”

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