Kyrie Irving commits $1.5 million for WNBA players skipping season

Kyrie Irving with the Brooklyn Nets in 2019. (Photo credit: )

Kyrie Irving is making sure WNBA players don’t have to worry about money to pay their bills due to sitting out the season over covid 19.

The Brooklyn Nets star is committing $1.5 million to supplement the income of players who choose not to play this season, whether it be because of coronavirus concerns or social justice reasons.

Irving launched KAI Empowerment Initiative Monday which the funds derive from. It will also provide players with a financial literacy program created by UBS.

“Whether a person decided to fight for social justice, play basketball, focus on physical or mental health, or simply connect with their families, this initiative can hopefully support their priorities and decisions,” Irving said in a statement.

To be eligible, players must provide insight into the circumstances surrounding their decision and not be receiving salary support from any other entity. An opt-out for medical reasons must be connected to the coronavirus pandemic.

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