WATCH: Georgia Police Hold Black Kids at Gunpoint

Some witnesses say the five kids were shadow boxing near a convenience store which is what drew the attention of a police officer who held them all gunpoint for several minutes as witnesses pleaded for him to lower his gun Monday afternoon.

The Clayton County cop indicated he had stopped the kids because they had cut-through a grassy area near the store to reach another block but witnesses said that was done by many people on a daily basis. Both the children and cops were black.

The video has gone viral with the majority of commenters criticizing the cop for pulling out his gun on a group of unarmed kids, including one who was only ten years old. The kids were released after more cops arrived and frisked them, finding nothing to arrest them on.

The Clayton County Police Department has acknowledged the incident on its Facebook page and said it will be releasing body cam video as well as a recording of the 911 call that led to the detainment but at this point, it has not done that as of this time.

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