These 7 Black Men Met in Kindergarten and Have Remained Friends for More than 70 Years

Theycallthemselves “The Kindergarten Crew,” a group of men about 70 years old who have been in contact since kindergarten, and they did it without the help of social media.

About 70 years old, they stayed connected since kindergarten and they did it without the help of social media. In 1946, they began by forming a group of ten boys who met during various interactions at Garfield Elementary School in Washington, DC, USA. Although three of their members have died, there are still seven: Arrington Dixon, 77, Hudie Fleming, 79, Ronald Chase, 77, William Hutchins, 79, Orlando Lee, 78, James Strickland, 79 and Norman Thomas, 79 years old.

Ces 7 hommes noirs se sont rencontrés à la maternelle et sont restés amis pendant plus de 70 ans

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