Realtor Alexis Quille is turning huge profits in real estate and teaching you how to do the same

Alexis Quille started practicing real estate in Michigan not far from the city of Detroit. She mentions “getting my license was the easy part as I’ve always been book smart. Studying and taking the exam was a breeze.” When it came to buying her first property was when she found her first hiccups. 

Alexis purchased her first property for $9,000 then turned and flipped it a year later & it is now on the market with multiple offers at $50,000. As this was her first project she had no idea what she was getting into construction-wise.

From the heating, electrical, to minor cosmetic issues, everything needed to be redone. Lucky, she found a good contractor with whom she still does business with today to get the property in selling shape. She says “slowly but surely we got a new hot water tank, fixed the electrical issues, set up security cameras, and touched up with paint, getting the property looking brand new.”

Now, this didn’t come with some hiccups, but in doing everything she was able to gain valuable knowledge in being an investor and in turn start working with them. Going through that process taught her what to look for, what makes a property a worthy project and so much more.

Aside from flipping properties, Alexis had a lot to learn in the buying and selling arena. She talks about having a mentor, Stacy Dyer, in which she stuck to like glue. Wherever she went Alexis wanted to go. If there was an open house someone didn’t want or was too busy to work Alexis was there.

She was in the office for more than 12 hours sometimes, listening to conversations about real estate, learning contracts, all things real estate. The first properties Alexis received came from other agents in the office. “I worked my but off, ”  she says. She has now relocated to Maryland & things have been going steady.  

She just recently put all her focus into dropping her ebook “Real Money Through Real Estate.” Her goal for the book was to teach first-time investors what she wished she would’ve  known when starting out. It gives readers the insight they are looking for when thinking about investing in their first property. She has a few more projects up her sleeve but until then all her focus is on promoting her book while still being the best agent she can be for her clients.

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