Pregnant Woman Losses Child After Getting Tased By Miami Cop

A recently fired Miami Gardens police officer who was shown in a graphic video from January holding his knee to a pregnant Black woman’s neck while tasing her multiple times in the stomach has been arrested and charged with battery and official misconduct, the Miami-Dade State Attorney announced Thursday.

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  1. Wrath of. God is going come down on police officer s
    He knew what he was doing so much hate with white people

  2. Disrespect for my Queen and mother, not using common sense and cruelty to the lady. Men if that were your mother ,you would not stand by and film whats happen to her.
    Disrespect and cruelty for ours women’s.
    He need to go home to his jesus.BY ALL MEANS Necessary.

  3. Now if this person(s) isn’t charged and sent to jail for this crinal act then I hope God wiill render justice to her. RIP to the lil angel😥




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