Jaden and Jada come for Shane Dawson after he masturb*tes to 11year old Willow Smith

Jaden Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith come after famous youtuber Shane Dawson after he pleases himself to Willow Smith when she was just 11 years old.

Everyone is outraged and trying to cancel Shane Dawson after a video of him touching himself to a photo of Willow Smith in public went viral. This sick F!@k.

The video got around to Jaden and Jada and they took to Twitter to announce their disgust.

Shane Dawson is the same person who admitted to having s-xual intercourse with his cat and ej-culating on it. He also s-xually assaulted a few dogs, participated in and defended ped-philic acts.

Check out the video thatโ€™s going viral:

Afterwards, Dawson apologized, but the Smith Family has denied his apology:

This is crazy. Do you accept his apology?

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